Larry Morris AvatarLarry Morris
Enjoyed the cruise. The captain was great and the crew were outstanding. Highly recommend - 6/28/2019 
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M Jazuli M Ali AvatarM Jazuli M Ali
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Nancy Wessendorf Holt AvatarNancy Wessendorf Holt
Enjoyed ever minute of it. Captain Gus and his crew were quite hospitable and attentive. Food was good and the trip relaxing. My only complaint is that the time goes by too quickly! Would definitely recommend taking the Princess Fiona cruise to anyone visiting Branson. - 9/10/2016 
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Kim Pacheco AvatarKim Pacheco
It was awesome! My husband and I went for our 14th anniversary and it was a really good choice. The staff is awesome and very attentive. I would definitely do it again. - 3/19/2018 
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Brent Jones AvatarBrent Jones
Always friendly staff and always an enjoyable sight seeing cruise on Lake Taneycomo! - 3/19/2017 
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Peggy Hubbard McCullough AvatarPeggy Hubbard McCullough
My husband and I enjoyed every minute of this relaxing cruise. The staff were prompt and polite. The atmosphere among the staff, crew, and passengers was a happy one!
The food was simple, but good and my pumpkin spiced hot cider was delicious! While on the cruise, we also enjoyed an excellent view of the water and light show at Branson Landing. - 10/25/2017 
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Sarah M Campbell AvatarSarah M Campbell
Staff was impeccable loved the cruise itself however what I did not like was that there was a table of screaming and I do mean SCREAMING. Children seated right behind us to the point that 10 minutes into the cruise I had an absolutely throbbing headache and lost my appetite and/ or desire to even look out at the scenery ... Really people I'm a mom too but do you Seriously have to take your misbehaved banshee sounding children to things like this - 7/22/2017 
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BransonGoodCleanFun AvatarBransonGoodCleanFun
5 star rating Great family relaxing fun Seven adults went out on Labor Day. Even thought the cruise was full, we did not feel over crowded. The captain was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Her description of sights was thorough and entertaining. The Bald Eagle's nest was huge and the young eagle flying about was a great sight to see. Sitting on the covered top deck provided a great viewing platform and fun environment. The weather was perfect. Even thought it was a hot day, the cool air off the cold water of Lake Taneycomo was refreshing. We were the only group that had ordered lunch before with our tickets and it made for a nice part of the the trip. The food was good and everyone liked it. - 9/04/2018 
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5 star rating Boat This was cancelled. So sorry to have missed. Thanks for taking care of cancellation.
Hope to try again sometime - 10/30/2019 
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Melody S
5 star rating Romantic Romantic great food super friendly staff qilling to help and answer questions and was able to drive boat. - 7/03/2019 
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