Philip H Demetro AvatarPhilip H Demetro

Good food, wonderful service and pleasant experience! - 12/14/2018 

Garry R

5 star rating Garry and Beth Roberts My wife and I went on the 2:45 lake cruise and wonderful time. The boat captain (Jason) was friendly... read more - 10/26/2019 

Vicki Patrick Butler AvatarVicki Patrick Butler

Fun, relaxing, informational, entertaining cruise. Highly recommend! - 10/04/2019 

Kitona Santos-Hawkins AvatarKitona Santos-Hawkins

It was nice and relaxing. The food was gd & the dessert was tasty. The only complaint was the... read more - 9/19/2017 

Teri Michaels AvatarTeri Michaels

Great view of the lake!! Food and Drinks are wonderful. The Crew have great personalities!! - 7/16/2019 

Lynn Mack Gallagher AvatarLynn Mack Gallagher

So very peaceful and beautiful. The captain of the ship was entertaining. - 7/09/2018 

Kim Pacheco AvatarKim Pacheco

It was awesome! My husband and I went for our 14th anniversary and it was a really good choice. The... read more - 3/19/2018 

Connie Yates Munsterman AvatarConnie Yates Munsterman

We went on this dinner cruise last night. The food was awesome, great brisket. Mashed potatoes and green beans and... read more - 11/28/2016 

Gerald R Smith AvatarGerald R Smith

great dinner fun time!!!! - 9/28/2018 

WanderingWalter310 AvatarWanderingWalter310

4 star rating Relaxing and Scenic We enjoyed this relaxing dinner cruise. The food was good and the views were beautiful. However, we could understand NOTHING... read more - 6/04/2019